Go Ahead, Call Me Bossy

I’ll admit it: I’ve always been the loud one. The girl that talks at a volume just a little to high, who is always spouting strong opinions and unwarranted advice. That’s me! *raises hand*

And I’m proud of it. I’m sure—so, so sure—that when I was too young to remember, someone called me bossy. And hopefully, I just gave them a look that said, yep, and moved on.

Calling girls bossy is a little controversial right now. We call girls and women bossy, and then forget to give men an equally destructive nickname. The word “bossy,” as it’s reserved for women, has always had a negative connotation. Until now.

I want to take back the word “bossy.” I believe being called bossy is a compliment. Why? Because being bossy means you’re handling your life and your business LIKE A BOSS. And that’s what we are! We are strong boss ladies, and I want to spread the word.

I’m asking you to please—yes, PLEASE—call me bossy. I dare you. Because I’m the biggest, bossiest one of ’em all. I’m a full-time artist. I’m an award-winning photographer. I’m the bringer of the bucks. I’m the motherf*ckin’ boss. And I’m not afraid of your b-word.

Ladies, join me—the next time someone tells you that you’re bossy, look them right in the eye and say, “Go ahead—call me bossy.”

For all the women who are badass lady bosses, I wantto tell your story here in my blog. Email hello@callmebossy.co with your story and your photo so we can show off to the world just how bossy we are.


live free to love wild,


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