Keep Building Your Empire, Especially During the Ugly Parts

Every day, we build it. All of us creatives out there in the world, working and sweating and sometimes barely scraping by. But! Then there are the days that are so rewarding and so motivating—where everything comes together in support of this grand vision you have.

It’s happens, I promise. It just takes time to get there. What makes it more difficult is the constant comparisons we make, asking ourselves, “Why isn’t my work as good as so-and-so’s?”

I just want you to take a step back for a moment and remember that we all start somewhere. Even your idols had a beginning. And it probably wasn’t great. But they worked and evolved and built a body of work to be proud of, which is what you’re looking at, idolizing. What you don’t get to see is the process. You aren’t allowed to see how the sausage is made because it’s NOT PRETTY. But it is all of us, the ugly parts. We all have those creative moments that were less than genius. Don’t be afraid of them. And don’t be ashamed of them. They connect us to all those artists who have struggled and will struggle every day in their creativity. Even your heroes.

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