Bust Out of Your Creative Rut

What if I’m not who I think I am?

For professional creatives, growth and exploration is an ongoing process, and something we balance with business, accounting, marketing and more. With so much to tend to, it’s easy to get stuck in a creative rut—a place where you feel like you’re creating the same photo or painting or writing every time you pull out your tools.

Exploring your creative self and pushing your skills to their limit—a place of discomfort that gives you something new, good or not—is a critical process to busting out of a creative rut. BUT HOW? Where do you start? The answer is simple and difficult: Start by questioning what you think you know about yourself.

Everything you think you know about yourself, all the stories you’ve told yourself over the years—either from your own fears or from what other people have told you that you are—what if you aren’t that person? What if you ARE capable of creative pursuit in your life? What if you do have the willpower to run that marathon? What if you aren’t as afraid of public speaking as you thought? What if you don’t look awful in front of the camera (ahem…that would be me).

Just try it. Pick something, a story, that you’ve told yourself for many years and just assumed is true. And then do the opposite. You may be the best public speaker the world every saw. Or, you could be awful. More than likely, you’ll be average at it. Not bad, not great, but ready to build. Most importantly, you’ll find that you didn’t explode in embarrassing flames. Life still goes on, and you’ve pushed yourself into new territory. This is where you’ll start swimming in new ideas and bust out of your creative rut.

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