Call Me Bossy Profiles Launch Tomorrow

Tomorrow, you’ll see something new: I’m interviewing amazing women who truly love what they do, are leaders in their fields and badass bosses all around. We’re taking back the word “bossy” and making it a good thing. Why? Because the true definition of bossy is like a boss. And that’s how these ladies handle their business and their lives. LIKE A BOSS.

The purpose of #callmebossy is to encourage you to follow your dreams. I want you to understand that, yes, it’s difficult but doable. That’s so important—you CAN follow your dream and do what makes you wildly happy and free. It’s hard, and these women will tell you. But it’s definitely possible to follow your heart.

We’ll talk about the challenges of starting and running business, the upsides, the downsides, the lessons we’ve learned and the amazing moments we never saw coming. Tune in every Wednesday to the blog for inspiration from #callmebossy ladies each week!

+live free to love wild+



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