4 Buzzwords We Need to Kill Right Now


Everyday I’m working hard so that one day I can hardly work on a pile of cash. We all are. But the “hustle” to get there looks different for everyone and every industry. I’d like to see this acknowledged and given depth, rather than what I see happening: Every time a fresh-faced graduate walks up to a successful business person, I see the same advice given to them all—hustle, hustle, hustle. What a waste of breathe. Give actual advice or point to someone who will.


This is a such a balance that we can rarely get right. People want to see the real us—our quirks, our failures, our successes, our near misses. But they don’t want to see the real real us: That time I spent a chuck of money on 12 months of advertising and got no—literally, zero—return on that investment, and I ugly cried. Like, snotty nose, gasping breath, swollen eyelids for a day ugly cry.

On Brand

Just stop. I’m so glad you found a $1 pink coin purse at Target that matches your branding colors, but let’s not Snapchat it just to say how “on brand” this store is. If you’re brand is as generic as a Target $1 product pool, then everything everywhere is on brand for you, along with about a million other businesses who have your exact “authenticity” and is so “on brand.” Try harder. Be extra.


Oh wait no, ignore that last sentence, forget I said it. Because being “extra” is, again, just working harder. So it’s another way to say hustle. And here we are back at the beginning.


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