You Need to Fail—Big Time

Starting a business is hard.

Starting a business can feel almost impossible.

Because you will have point where you fail miserably. You won’t just have a bad day, you’ll have the worst day. The kind where you’re not sure if you should get out of bed. You’ll question whether clean hair is really necessary for the shame-fest you’re about to endure.

This is a good thing.

When launching a business, you make a plan. And in your mind, it goes perfectly. In reality—that’s another story. But, let’s say that it does play out just how you imagined. Yes, you’ll have this amazing skill and successful business. And you’ll want to protect those. You’ll want to protect everything that goes into your business and everything that you produce, because doing it all perfectly is your formula. And it works! Just look at your immediately successful business that proves it.

So you’ll protect it and keep everything perfect. But what won’t you do? You’ll never take a risk. You’ll keep doing what works because, hey, perfection works, and why should you threaten that success just to try something a little different?

But failure? When you stumble along the way and hit rock bottom, suddenly everything opens up. You’re no longer tied to this idea of perfection and you look for other ways that might work. You get creative. You get resourceful. You get unique.

But most importantly, even when the worst happens, when you’re buried under, as Rachel Green would say, “50 feet of crap,” you see that its just a chance to pivot, and learn, and grow, and improve. Suddenly you no longer cling to perfection. Instead, you embrace the imperfections that make you YOU. And suddenly you have a business.

Businesses don’t thrive when they’re simply the same as the one next door. You have to find what’s different about your product and your style and lean into it, no matter how imperfect. This is how you stand out in a crowded market. This is how you build.

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