Much Love Monday

There’s nothing that resets my brain and gets me ready for the coming week like waking up before dawn and hitting the beach at sunrise. It affords me a chance to slow down, take a deep breath and feel gratitude for all the amazing people and opportunities in my life.

Morning routines are vital for entrepreneurs, and I’d love to hear what you need to start the day.

During the week, I like to wake up early, spend 10 minutes journaling and three minutes meditating before going for a quick run. I like to drink my tea with a squeeze of fresh lemon and then down a low-sugar, high-energy breakfast. Sometimes I throw Kombucha into the mix for a little caffeine.

My worst habit in the morning that I’m trying to break is checking my emails on my phone as soon as I wake up. I know I would start the day with a clearer mind if I could put it off—send me your advice for getting that goal!

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