4 Easy SEO Hacks to Boost Your Business Right Now

I’ve learned to wear a lot of hats while starting my business: bookkeeping, marketing, advertising, social media, website creation, business development, sales, etc. Everyday there’s something new, but there’s only ONE thing that I’ve decided to outsource—Search Engine Optimization.

Yes, SEO—it’s freaking hard! And it’s something that is next on my list to hand off. In the meantime, I saw WeddingWire CMO Sonny Ganguly speak at a conference, and he taught us a handy acronym for simply SEO hacks to live by: LUCK*

Linking Strategy

External links, other legitimate websites (as opposed to link farms) that link to your website) drive authority and relevance when it comes to search engines. And within your own website, internal links (linking pages within your own website, for example, if I want to tell you about Call Me Bossy events, I’ll link it here!) pass power between your pages.

URL Structure

Keep your domains simple—instead of including code in the url (for example, callmebossy.co/hov=1?23445), use a simple structure, for example, callmebossy.co/resources.

Content Optimization

Yes, it’s true, content is king, and quality content rules (so punny! Can’t help myself). Keep it natural and authentic. Don’t stuff keywords into your copy, and strive for writing about 2,500 words per post. And remember, blogs are an engine—they’re fuel for your website’s fire. Posting 3-5 times per week will really rev the engine.

Keyword Focus

Aim to find a balance between long-tail keywords (more descriptive phrases, such as “los angeles wedding photographer”) and short tail keywords (short but sweet keywords that are very popular with more results and therefore very competitive in searches, such as simply “photographer”). Long-tail keywords result in higher conversions, so get specific in your keywording. These helpful slides from Sonny help illustrate the difference:


*I can’t stress this enough—at some point, we will all figure out our blind spots. I’m not an SEO expert, I’m simply passing on the information I’ve learned. I highly recommend contacting an SEO expert to help move your

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