My Trick to Ease Anxiety

Business owners are known for being Type A, right? Give a cheer if you know what I’m saying.

That hyper-organized, perfectionist, driven, ambitious, go-get-’em-done state of mind is perfect for running a business. It can also lead to bouts of anxiety that threaten to overwhelm the day.

I have a very simple trick for beating anxiety and putting it to rest when a major case of the worries starts to take over my mind. I write it down in my reminder app so that I scroll past it on the daily, and it’s this:

There is no worry, there is only taking action.

What that means is as soon as I start to feel anxiety creep up, I immediately take action.

  • If I’m feeling anxious about a specific project, I send out an email to follow up, generate ideas or plan next-steps.
  • If I’m feeling anxious about revenue, I brainstorm three creative ideas to grow business and I start immediately by sending emails that will get the ball rolling.
  • If I’m feeling anxious about a strained business relationship, I play through a conversation in my mind that would resolve the issue and then set up a time to actually have the conversation as soon as possible.
  • And finally, I go for a run to do yoga to clear my head. Works like a charm.

Plus, having a sweet puppy—who’s main goal in life is cuddles—helps too. Photography by the amazing GirlSquad Inc.

I’d love to hear how you move through your difficult times! Email and let’s chat.

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