Boss Bash Celebrations Launches in Los Angeles

Women now have a new way to celebrate lifetime milestones with the launch of Boss Bash Celebrations in Los Angeles. A Boss Bash celebrates a woman who is launching a business, and the event is an opportunity for her friends and family to support and encourage her business and entrepreneurship, according to Abby Borden, founder of Boss Bash Celebrations.

Borden was inspired to start Boss Bash Celebrations when she realized that that women are usually only celebrated in relation to someone else, whether that’s at a bridal shower or baby shower.

“If I became present to anything during the Women’s March, it was that women are incredible and strong, with tenacity and vigor. Women are more than our traditional roles of wife and mother and shouldn’t be limited by those roles. We deserve to be celebrated for our talent and achievements—not just for who we choose to stand next to,” says Borden.

After working in the event industry for seven years at major companies in Los Angeles, Borden set out to start her own event-planning business, Table Set Go, in September 2016.

“During my journey, I’ve met incredible women who are also Bosses, and every one of them has a story, each with concerns and doubts that we all fight to overcome every day we’re in business,” says Borden. “Working in events, I know the power of acknowledgement and celebration. Being surrounded by friends and family, raising a toast, showering you with gifts—it’s powerful stuff, and it can make doubt disappear.”

Boss Bash Celebrations quickly received support from Borden’s community of entrepreneurs. Monica Linda, owner and photographer at GirlSquad Inc., immediately hopped on board as the director of operations for the company.

“I believe being your own boss requires a series of A LOT of moments when you follow your gut. Sometimes you’re not sure where it will take you, but you go anyway because taking risks is what it takes to be a real Boss. You do it no matter what anyone else around you says.

When Borden approached Linda to brainstorm on a new idea, Linda’s instincts pointed her in the right direction—directly to a meeting about Boss Bash.

“During the meeting, I could feel my whole body fill up with joy, pure joy. Right then and there, I knew this project was something I wanted to be a part of. The giant leap we all make in starting a business needs to be celebrated,” says Linda. “We deserve to be seen and to be the center of attention. Being an entrepreneur is scary as hell, but with with the right Girl Squad around, it feels less scary and more like, ‘let’s kick some butt!’”

The inaugural Boss Bash will celebrate Sabrina Fay Pierce, Owner of DIY LA Bride in Glendale, California.

“My creative studio and prop shoppe, DIY LA Bride, provides a place for brides to learn how to properly DIY [do it yourself] their day and rent props with a DIY approach, all with affordability as the main goal,” says Pierce. “As a seven-times bridesmaid and a lover of all things DIY, I saw a huge disconnect for affordable options and DIY acceptance in the wedding industry. It has been rewarding because I’m encouraging couples to save money—which is rare for a wedding professional—and I feel so fortunate because I am also helping them have the day of their dreams.”

Speaking about being the first Boss Bash honoree, Pierce says, “I’m honored and proud of this new movement, and I hope it catches on like wildfire!”

At a Boss Bash, the celebrant’s friends and family are invited to a party in her honor, where there will be showcases of the celebrant’s product, skills or service; opportunities for networking with other professionals and business owners; a photo booth; a toast in her honor; and a registry option to offer support in the early days of her business.

“Just as friends and family contribute gifts at a baby shower to raise a child, at a Boss Bash, they pitch in to raise a business,” says Borden, who details the main ways that people can support a woman through a Boss Bash: referrals and reviews that acknowledge their talent and applaud achievements and through a business registry.

“When you start a business, the list of things you need can seem overwhelming: a logo, business cards, a website, a printer—maybe even that rose gold pen you’ve been lusting after so you can sign all the papers that are about to flood your new desk,” says Borden.

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