Copywriting 101: Building an Editorial Calendar

After discussing why you should by blogging, how to start (and keep going), today we’re tackling the big picture: your editorial calendar. A blog post is a good start—but it won’t do anything for you unless you keep posting on a regular basis. With blogging, consistency is key. Today, I’m taking you through my own process for creating an editorial calendar for Call Me Bossy. Plus, I have a goodie for you! I made you a basic weekly editorial calendar template—download it here.

I start with deciding where I’m posting; for Call Me Bossy, I blog, I post on Instagram and Facebook, and I send out a weekly newsletter (that you can sign up for here).

Then I decide how often to do each of those things: I blog 3-5 times per week; I post on Instagram 2 times per day and on Facebook 1 time per day; and I send out a newsletter 1 time per week.

Then I make my “buckets,” which are the categories that I’ll post under. My buckets for Call Me Bossy are profiles on female entrepreneurs; business development (advice on technical business questions, for example financial, legal or marketing questions, copywriting series, etc.); business resources (book and podcast recommendations, expert guides, etc.); my week in business recap; and health and wellness (physical fitness and mental wellness/mindset for entrepreneurs)

Then I come up with post topics to drop into each bucket. For example, I schedule out the Call Me Bossy profiles a few weeks ahead of time, so that’s easy to write into to my editorial calendar every Wednesday. When I come up with an idea (for example, someone asked me today when they should pay themselves and do they basically write them self a check?), then I drop it in the “bucket” (i.e. write it into the editorial calendar) and plan to write it a few days before it posts (ok, sometimes the night before—but a few weeks earlier if its going to be a collaboration post).

Keep filling your buckets as post topics come to you. If you need help with idea generation, start with questions you get most often and answer them as a blog post. I also find ideas during the work day in my own research, and when all else fails, I think about the story behind what I’m doing and pull details to elaborate on (like memories of being called bossy, or examples of when I was an extremely bossy middle schooler).

We’re almost at the end of this copywriting series! We have one more stop on our journey. Now that you know how to write and what to write about and when to do, we’re going to take your blog posts and tweak them a little so they’ll be perfect for each platform your posting on, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, newsletters or other channels.

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