Guest Boss: Libby Crow, Business Coach + Human Sparkler

Here’s why I love Libby Crow in a nutshell: She asked me to add “expert in kindness” to her description. It was part joke, part reality (because, truth—Libby is exactly this, an expert in loving others) and 100% amazing human.

Libby is here on Call Me Bossy to help us incorporate philanthropy into our business with her expert advice. She’ll also soon be hosting a workshop on philanthropy with Rachael Parker-Chavez of Defining Good and Chelsea Sonksen of Bossladies mag (more details below). Keep an eye peeled for more of her words of wisdom on her website. Away we go! Read on for more from Libby Crow:

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Have you ever finished up a delicious dinner with your precious little box of leftovers in hand on the way to your car and you pass by someone on the sidewalk asking for food?

Almost all of us have been presented with this moment of decision. The silent voice inside you wonders, “Do I stay attached to having the other half of my freaking amazing ramen for lunch tomorrow or do I give this person a hand?”

You know the right thing to do. You know the decision to make.

You graciously hand over your box of goodness and send blessings.

This is step 1 of giving back.

You might be ready for more though. More giving back than your ramen—a bigger impact—more of a hand up than a hand out. If that feels like you and you’ve been wanting to work your philanthropic muscle a little more—keep reading.

As a business owners I always had the vision of giving a percentage of my income to a non-profit/charity that I resonate with but I didn’t know where to start so I decided to just do my own thing. I would raise funds and serve the homeless population in my neighborhood here in Venice, CA. I would serve and give financial surprises to families in need during my travels around the world. I would develop friendships with people struggling and needing the parachute of support. And I would take people on the streets out to a warm meal and/or just give them a break from being in the sun with a suitcase and hand over $20 to go shopping without worry that their thing would be stolen if left outside.

All of that is lovely, right? But I wanted to give more and in a way that was consistent and that I knew was really making a lasting difference rather than putting a bandaid on a challenge for someone.

So, if you’re ready to take your ramen giving shenanigans to the next level—you’re in the right place! Here’s a bright n’ shiny beginner’s pack to giving back (and why it’s important for your brand/company).

I want to help, but where do I start?

First of all—thank you. For your heart and willingness to take time, energy, and resources from your bucket and give them to others! The gold is in discovering what type of organization moves you. Education for children? Water wells in developing countries? Terminal illness research? What pulls at your heartstrings? What brings you to tears? My friend Rachael can help you choose a cause that fits you, you brand, and your vision. And, one that’s legit (so you don’t have to worry if the money is actually going to the right place and serving long term).

How much is “legit” to give back?

The common misconception is that you gotta be making BANK to give back. The formula, “When I make ______ then I’ll add philanthropy into my business.” are long behind us. Give what you can. Maybe it’s $20 a month. Maybe it’s $10k a month. Maybe it’s volunteering your time somewhere locally. Maybe it’s traveling to the amazon and using your skills to create a film about deforestation. Find a cause that sparks inspired action for you! Resist overcomplicating it, just START somewhere.

Why is it important for businesses to give back?

From a positioning perspective—your prospective and current clients see that you have a soul and you’re not just about making that money but you’re about giving it back, too—which creates trust and legacy. People tend to respect leaders who see the bigger picture than just the company’s mission and want to work with companies who do business outside the box with big vision. Bonus: You’ll automatically get connected to people all around the world who share the same values which twists you into a spiral of good-hearted people.

My encouragement? Pick a cause this week and make your first donation (time, money, resources). You’ll feel that dopamine kick in hardcore and your happiness meter will start to rise because you’re taking action on your internal desires.

And, keep giving your tasty ramen away. Every little bit counts.




P.S.: Are you in L.A.?

There’s a super groovy give back event coming up!

Chelsea Sonksen of Bossladies, Rachael Parker-Chavez of Defining Good, and moi (hi, that’s me!) are teaming up to host a cozy evening next month teaching entrepreneurs more about bringing philanthropy into their businesses with a special spotlight on an organization empowering children in Tijuana, Mexico through education called Create Purpose.

Get the event details by following me on Instagram (I’ll post about it there)!

Libby teaches creatives and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses online. Through her coaching, online courses, and masterminds she bridges the gap between internet marketing and soulful service making the ‘business’ part of business fun! Libby works her philanthropic muscle all around the world and is currently she’s planted in Santa Monica, California. Learn more and grab access to her online resource library for biz owners here:

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