RaDaybreakandDuskise your hand if you were ever called “bossy” growing up. I definitely was. But as I got older I realized how valuable it is to be bossy. Why? Because…

I’m the Boss.

It’s hard out there for a girl boss. But I got your back. Call Me Bossy is here for you, with resources, interviews, Q+A’s and good old-fashioned bitch sessions. I’m Courtney Paige Ray, wedding photographer and business blogger. I’ve built two successful businesses and I won’t apologize for it—neither should you.

If you were ever told to that you’re too loud, too bossy or too opinionated, I want to encourage you to think of those as good things. You get described with these lovely words because you’re the boss, and you’re rockin’ it.

This is where the bossy gals gather. We talk about the hard stuff and the fun stuff and the ugly stuff and the sweet, sweet wins. We’re all business here, babes, and we’re going to learn and grow with each other.

So go ahead. Call me bossy—I won’t mind. I’m the boss.