Has anyone told you…

It’s OK to be bossy. (In fact, it’s fucking great.)

It’s OK to set high standards for yourself and your business.

It’s OK to charge what you’re worth.

It’s OK to say no to working “for exposure.” (It’s also OK to roll your eyes when people ask.)

It’s OK to say no to potential clients who ask for a discount.

It’s OK to say no. (And not explain why.)

It’s OK to support other women who are also your direct competitors.

It’s OK to prioritize making a fuck-ton of money.

It’s OK to ignore people who talk down to you.

It’s OK to have strong opinions and be bold in expressing them.

It’s OK to let your strength of character intimidate others. (And it will—just own it.)

It’s OK to ignore people who criticize your dreams. (Especially when they aren’t creating anything of their own.)

It’s OK to say “just,” “um,” or “I don’t know.” (And any other word that you want to use. This is your voice—no one else’s.)

It’s OK to call yourself a girlboss. (You’ve earned the right to call yourself whatever you damn. well. please.)

Most importantly: It’s OK to be whatever you want. WHATEVER you want. These are your dreams and no one else’s. When people try to bring you down, they are simply showing you who they truly are—not who you should be. Own your worth, stand confident in your dreams, shine in your unique talent.

P.S. I love you.



2 thoughts on “Has anyone told you…

  1. Wow… I LOVE this post! Especially saying no to someone and not giving a reason! Currently in a situation where saying no to a client would make things a lot easier!


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