Copywriting 101: Mastering the Outline

We’ve already talked about why blogging is vital for growing your business, and how to get started when you’re stuck—this week we’re turning your first pancake into a full post. Did the seem like a big leap? That’s OK! There’s one step in between that will make the process smooth and easy.

Before you write your pancake, you’re going to write a summary of your topic. It doesn’t have to be perfect—you probably won’t even use it in the actual post.

Start with the summary, which can be as short as 2-3 sentences. Then make a short list of points you want to make in your post. Just let your brain roll onto the page with ideas; they don’t have to be in any specific order.

Once you’ve got your ideas down on the page, start to organize then in a way that will make sense to your reader. Your outline will look like this example:

Topic: Why you should be blogging

Summary: Blogging is vital to the growth of a business. It tells and sells the story of a brand to a target audience. Once the audience is engaged with the story, they will want to be part of it by buying a product.

Point A: Your business is your brand, and your brand is the story and experience of your business.

Point B: Your brand’s story is the chance for potential clients to connect with the larger purpose of your brand and contribute to it.

Point C: Blogging is the only platform that you have complete control over.

Once you’ve got your outline set, then you can start filling in the pancakes. When you’re stuck and don’t know what to write, write a pancake with your overall point in mind. If it doesn’t work, that’s fine. The goal is to get the words on the page, and then you can rewrite them later. And boom—you’ve got a post! Next week, we’ll talk about taking all your ideas for posts and turning them into a full editorial calendar, so you’ll always have content in the works.


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